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The story behind our #lifegiving vision

Pastor Sihok and LifeTotes Founder Jen Barnes talk about how their missions to a dump site village in Cambodia inspired their partnership and ultimately the vision for LifeTotes.

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Education Here & There

I’m sometimes asked why our products aren’t made in America. Ironically, this question often comes from generous people within the church. At LifeTotes, we challenge a different perspective, starting with a question: “Do you believe God’s heart beats for foreign missions?”

Our greatest calling within the church is to care for the poor, and widows and orphans are among the most in need. Why would God exclude entrepreneurship as an avenue for a more fulfilled life? It’s such a sustainable avenue! If through LifeTotes we can provide business opportunities and education to the poor, we are fulfilling God’s purpose and calling.

So why do we focus on education? Education has the power to end the vicious cycle of poverty, which contributes to nearly all of the plagues of our world today: human trafficking, the exploitation of men, women and children, racism, economic disparity, inadequate food, clean water and even healthcare. All can be traced back to a lack of access to quality education, which could have otherwise led to innovation, opportunity, problem-solving and solutions—a virtuous cycle.

We invest in education because we believe that by providing education to the next generation, we are empowering them to solve the world’s most challenging and troublesome problems both here and there. So when you purchase LifeTote products here, that were made there, you provide educational needs for children here and there. It’s a win, win, win, win.

Want to make an impact here and there? Join us!

—Jen Barnes, Founder



People in business—in the business of helping people.

Jen Barnes, Founder, CEO
Piper Ross, Logistics
Erin Blue, Creative Director
Ashlyn Ross, Intern
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Dumpsite School

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Widow’s Island School

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    Widow's Island

Our Strategy

Our strategy for education is simple and can be summed up in two words: collaboration and empowerment.

Collaboration: We collaborate with local natives who have a vision for education in their community and a passion for seeing it through.

Empowerment: We put our resources to work and help support their vision, empowering them to lead their community to a brighter future.

Whole Community Healing

We also collaborate with and empower other organizations to address issues that plague the communities in which our schools are located that may hamper the learning experience. This is why our schools also have clean water solutions, food programs and medical clinics that benefit the community as a whole.


Cierra "FLY Musiq" Bobo

“The idea of perfection doesn’t inspire others, it discourages them. Be a perfect example of BEAUTIFUL IMPERFECTION.”

— Cierra “FLY Musiq” Bobo

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LifeTotes is more than a company. We were founded out of a desire to help others learn about and experience the abundant life that we have found in Christ. We are a company led to support the work of the church with the majority of the profits we make, and we want to challenge others to do the same—in whatever capacity they feel led. When you purchase one of our products, you are supporting life-giving efforts around the globe and spreading the hope of Jesus Christ.

We are committed to providing opportunities for prayer, partnership and service in the areas of the world where our products are made. If you are interested in staying in the know about our work, partnering your company or church with us, or understanding how you as an individual can get involved, please connect with us. We would love to hear from you!


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