LifeTotes (Dump Site) School – Cambodia

“But I would have you (to be) without carefulness”….

1 Corinthians 7:32 a

I came across this verse in my Daily Light just a few weeks before flying to Cambodia. We had intended to have the bags shipped, with our consultant in Phnom Penh handling the details, saving us the expense of a trip. This was the best business decision, it was careful. When I read this verse, I felt like God was asking us, “What would you do if you weren’t being careful?”. My reply, “I would go!”.  His counter, “Make this decision based on how much you believe I love you.” …..So the Lifetotes team acted decisively, and decided that I should go. If we had not have made that decision, we would have never been a part of helping build a school that would change the trajectory of a village forever. Thank you to everyone who contributed, I cannot say it better than Sihok, so I will let him say it best:

Dearest my Sister Jennifer

Very warmest greeting from Cambodia

Sister, first of all I would love to say thank you very and very much for your great helping for the school in dump site. Please allow me to let you know that I received the money that you sent it to me through Mum Nancy already the amount $1600USD. So thankful very much my Sister for your great kindness, loving and sacrifices to helping this ministry.

Please allow me and the people in dump site give you our deeply sincerely thankful for your great helping.

So right now please allow me to give you some pictures of the school building.

So Sister please allow me to let you know that this school building almost finish.

When I finish I will send you more pictures. And I really want to start this school in the 3th week of August please do pray for us.

Very love you in Christ Jesus.

God bless you, your family, your business and your ministry of the Life Totes.

Sincerely your Bro.


In Christ we serve.

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