LifeTotes En Route

For the past three weeks, the LifeTotes team has been working very hard to secure the final details for our first LifeTotes order.  This is a HUGE moment for this ministry/company. After much anticipation, and a few minor bumps in the road, the first shipment of totes is in route to Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson airport and should arrive on Wednesday of next week. Please pray that they will arrive in a timely manner and that the import tax will not be overwhelming and that the customs process would flow smoothly. Since this is the first shipment we are not sure what all is involved.

We are praying for Sothea, our bag maker in Cambodia and are also so grateful for the women that work alongside and in partnership with her to hand make these bags. The women are mothers, wives, widows, grandmothers. They are beautiful in God’s sight and we pray that the Lord will continue to grow LifeTotes so that we can continue to provide for others.

I’m attaching a few pictures that were sent to us by Trevor, the consultant in Cambodia of the bags getting ready to be shipped.

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