WHERE DO YOU TOTE LIFE? James Bailey Totes Life Through Developing People and Communities

With tremendous vision, effective implementation, and a huge heart for others, James M. Bailey lives by his personal motto, “Build As We Climb,” working to support programs that give youth every opportunity to succeed.  His goal is to inspire youth to rise from the ashes of their circumstances and soar towards living in their purpose.

Throughout his life and career, James has been a true example of one who totes LIFE and gives to others.

In 2015, James founded one of the nation’s most innovative private equity firms, Greenwood Archer. Through
a “Human Capital” approach, Greenwood Archer re-imagines the way America’s most underserved communities leverage assets, establish wealth, strengthen infrastructure, and create jobs.  James also helps lead the Phoenix Leadership Foundation in funding and developing programs that provide positive role models for youth and help them develop as leaders.

Before Greenwood Archer, James served as CEO for the Atlanta Market of Operation HOPE, a global
nonprofit organization focused on economic empowerment.  HOPE’s southeastern region now helps more than
160,000 youth, adults, and families start businesses, buy homes, raise credit
scores, and increase their financial literacy.

A dedicated community servant, James also totes LIFE as he volunteers with numerous organizations, including The Wren’s Nest, Verbalyze, Inc., the Safe America Foundation, the Metro Atlanta Chamber Board of Advisors, the Phoenix Leadership Foundation, and most notably he serves as Scoutmaster of the Mighty Troop 100 located on Atlanta’s Westside.

Toting LIFE to others, James ensures that where there is despair, hope takes over and where there is lack, opportunity emerges.  His life is impacting many as he lives out his belief that “people matter…period.”

Learn more at www.phoenixleadership.org.

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