Medical Mission at the LifeTotes School

The LORD builds up Jerusalem; he gathers the outcasts of Israel. He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.

Psalm 147:3

We are consistently in awe of what God has allowed to unfold over the past four months. When I stepped onto a plane for Cambodia in late June, I had no idea there would be a village of Cambodian’s living on the edge of a landfill who would become one of our assigned tasks for LifeTotes. I am, however, certain that the Lord gathered these forgotten people into this place in order that their hearts may be made whole and their infirmities healed. Please read about the medical mission that was conducted by Brother Sihok’s church and remember that when you purchase a LifeTotes product, you are helping these #LIFEgiving efforts become a reality.

Dearest my Sister Jennifer

Very warmest greeting from Cambodia in the great savior name Jesus Christ.

Sister, please allow me to let you know about the ministry in Dump site because during in this time many people in dump site they have many kind of disease so I decided to do the medical care for them in the school building because this Monday there is no class ( Public holiday ). You know Sister, by the grace of God we able to check up 95 patients and we praise God we have 7 souls received Christ as their personal and savior.

The reason that the people in dump site have many kind of disease because this time is to much of raining and when they go collect some things from the the dump site they need to across the water around the dump it about 1 meter deep and 150 meter distance.

Lastly I would love to say thankful very and very much for care about the ministry of the Lord in Cambodia. Again Sister thankful very much for a great heart of mission.

So Sister, please continues to pray for my house building.

Very much love you in Christ Jesus.

Great honor respectful
Sincerely your

Bro. Sihok





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