WHERE DO YOU TOTE LIFE? Sharon Hattaway Totes Life to Children in Cambodia as a Champion of Education

Sharon Hattaway totes life to children in Cambodia through harnessing the transformational power of education. Her life is devoted to helping children rise from poverty through training teachers who can provide the next generation of Cambodians a quality education.

Sharon made her way to Cambodia all the way from North Georgia, and Cambodia made its way into her heart. When you meet Sharon, her passion for Cambodia and its people are immediately evident. In a country where those who are over the age of 25 have an average of only 5.8 years of education, Sharon is using her unique gifts and her passion for education to make a difference and help improve education levels and opportunities among the poorest communities in Cambodia. She believes that the most impactful way to do that is by training the teachers to adequately equip the next generation of leaders.

Sharon dedicates her time to several Khmer (Cambodian) schools in her area, one of them being the LifeTotes School at the dump site. Sharon models new and innovative teaching methodology and works alongside the teachers to help them feel comfortable with the new content and techniques.  Not only does she train the teachers, but Sharon uses her own resources to improve the facilities and the materials by purchasing curriculum and furniture for the schools. She also helps them develop advanced curriculum in science and math, as these are the two most neglected subjects in Cambodia. She has been piloting a new science program for about 9 months where she models instructional methods and curriculum for Khmer teachers and then supports them as they teach engaging material to students. As Sharon allows these students to see new ideas of science, she is a part of expanding the possibilities for their future. Indeed, she shared with LifeTotes that of her seven third graders, five want to be scientists after being a part of this new program.

Sharon is an absolute encourager and supporter; she motivates and truly loves the teachers with whom she works. Sharon is indeed transforming education one teacher at a time, helping to restore hope and empower futures for many children in Cambodia.  Thank you, Sharon, for being a champion for education and for making a LIFEgiving impact in Cambodia.

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