Prayer needed for flooded village

We’ve all heard about the devastation resulting from Hurricane Matthew. But did you know that there are countries that deal with this sort of distraction every year? In Cambodia, there are villages just outside of garbage dumps and during rainy seasons, all types of waste flood into their homes. One Village in particular, LifeTotes has had opportunities to minister to and grown to love greatly. Our first school is located in this particular village.

During the rainy season, every year, the village floods. Not only does it cause damage to buildings and material items, but it brings sickness. Disease, parasites, and all kinds of bacteria are carried from the garbage dump into the village. The students of the LifeTotes school and their families are currently experiencing this flooding. 

We ask that you pray for this village and all the people in it. Pray for God’s hand to be over them and for His protection from disease.

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