Why Host a Backpack Drive?

When you buy a LifeTotes backpack your money is put to work by paying Cambodian women for their craftsmanship. Those bags are then brought to your community and given to children who need a backpack for the school year.  All profits from your purchase are then sent back around the world to construct school buildings in communities where the children will attend for the first time in their lives.

Your participation in this project brings confidence and Christ into communities and lives near and far.


Want to see it in action?

Watch this video to see Pastor Sihok’s story.

How to Host a Backpack Drive.

In 5 easy steps

1 Tell us about yourself.

Give us a peek at your school. How many kids need bags? Who are your community partners who will buy the bags? Who is your point person who will coordinate with LifeTotes?

2 Face to Face.

This is an initial meeting between your drive point person and a LifeTotes staff member to confirm that the partnership is a fit.

3 Promote. Promote. Promote!

As soon as your backpack drive is confirmed, your point person should launch a print/social media campaign to promote your drive to your community partners. The importance of this process can not be overstated.

4 Drive Day.

This is the day (or days) when you collect money for backpack sales.

5 Delivery Day.

Congratulations! This is the day the LifeTotes staff will deliver bags to your team to be handed out to the kids in your community.

Get Started Now!

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Large Print Backpacks

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Large Solid Backpacks

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